May 9, 2014 in News

Roo Says: Hey Everybody. Tix Says: How You Doin?

Alright so

we have been

very gone.

January, we were



Busy. It was the beginning of the year (which is bad enough just on its own,) but Roo took over part- ownership of the Family business at the beginning of the year, AND that was also the month of Further Confusion (which is fairly stressful, when you’re a couple of introverts,) AND this year we went to a Welcome to Night Vale live show which was.. REALLY awesome, but surrounded by a whole big travel adventure/nightmare.

February. . .


Was mostly spent recovering from January.



Roo had a class that ate up a week and then Tix had one of their friends over from Australia for a couple weeks,

and April, we’ve just been trying to pull ourselves back together!


So We have more or less gotten our booties together so now it’s time to start updating again! The plan is more or less as follows:


Will be posted once a month. Originally our goal was every week, but that is clearly not happening, and we think that this will be a little more do-able for us. The goal is to do it the second or third week of the month, depending on how many weeks the month has.
We would also like to put out a call for ABE ideas! We had a book of them but we can’t find them. We have a couple right now, so we’re alright for a few months, but if you have any warm-ups that you always do, or any things that you use to help pull yourself out of an art slump, please email it to us at abe@tix-n-roo.com, with the subject line “ABE Submission,” and one of us will get back to you with how to continue from there!


Will continue to be theoretically monthly, on the last Friday of the month- except now we should have Both of us hosting, instead of just Roo!

Mental Health No Jutsu:

Is a new category that we just introduced… actually in January. Roo went back and turned some old ABEsĀ into MHNJ posts and anything in the ABE and P+M tags that also fits in there has been added to that tag. We will post little mental health or self-care ideas and snippets also once a month- theoretically the first week of the month, but we’ll see.

If nothing else, we would like to try to update at least ONE of these things ONCE a month. That is definitely the minimum that you can expect from us!

Resources page

WE MADE A RESOURCES PAGE! It’s pretty small right now but we’re trying to make it better! If you could do us a favor and go on over there and help us fill in the gaps, we’d much appreciate it! There are instructions on what we’re trying to accomplish and how you can help on that page.

Thank you very much for bearing with us and we hope that you will continue to Create Without Fear!