Who We Are

Tix-N-Roo is based on one single fundamental principle: that everyone should be able to Create Without Fear. We endeavor to enable artists to help themselves, and to overcome their personal obstacles to help them do their own thing. Whatever you’re doing, as long as nobody’s getting hurt, we’re behind you 100%.


tix profileThe Tix

Born: 1987

Height: 5’8″

Gender: Queer

Inappropriate Weapon: Leg Cannon

Host Of: Cthulhu Scarf

Enjoys:  chipotle burritos, shag tag [you’re it] , being creative, being a cuddlewhore,  partly cloudy days.

Unjoys: nega-feels, spiders who don’t pay rent.

Can Be Found On: Tumblr [ Art Blog]  , Tumblr [ Voice Acting Blog ] , Tumblr [ Bloggity Blog ]





The Roo 

Born: 1991

Height: 5’6″

Gender: Weird

Sex: Positive

Prescription: +11.25

Enjoys: Comics, Singing, Your Face

Unjoys: Throwing off the Emporer’s Groove

Natural Habitat: Arthopping, Twitter, Tumblr, Furaffinity, deviantART, weasyl

Bio: Roo was born in 1991 at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, Washington. He lived in West Seattle for a little bit with his parents before moving to Des Moines, Washington, where they lived until they moved to Carmichael, CA when he was three. Another year or so later, they moved to East Elk Grove (also in California,) where they lived for around three years before moving to Laguna (which is a part of Elk Grove.) When his parents divorced, he moved with one parent back to East Elk Grove and with the other up to South Sacramento, California. Around three years after that, both parents moved back to Laguna (which, as you may recall, is a part of Elk Grove.) Three more years later and he moved with one parent back to East Elk Grove. Then the other one moved to Seattle, and when she came back, she lived across the street and he moved in with her. About a year later they all moved up to La Riviera (which is a part of Sacramento) and around two years after that, he moved out and to Midtown Sacramento, where he now lives with three cats and hopes to never move ever again.