If you have something you want us to add to this list, please send an email to abe@tix-n-roo.com with the subject line “RESOURCES: [category]”
If you don’t see a category that you would like added, you can do the same, just make the subject “Add category” and make sure to include some links for us so that we’re not opening a new category with nothing in it. We’d like to make Categories for Scupture, Animation, Photography, Game Design, and 3d Modelling, among other things, but those aren’t things that Tix and I do, really, so any help building those resources is much appreciated!
You can also get a hold of us on Twitter @TixnRoo or on tumblr at tix-n-roo.tumblr.com, and give suggestions there.

As the categories get bigger, we’ll start splitting them up into their own pages.

The Cash Clock
Printaholic.com These people review printing services, so you don’t have to
Song Lyric and Quote Print Licensing Info Post by E.K. Weaver
Stickman’s Tips for Having a Table at a Comic Book Convention
Storyforge I do not even know how to classify this, but just go look at it

No Budget Software Suite for FilmMakers

Skeleton Generator (requires a digitizer tablet or printer to use, good for warmup)
How to Eyes by A. Stiffler
Environment Construction by Mark Chong
How to Lips by A. Stiffler
Sirius LaGrange’s Noodle List for Illustrators
Melanie Herring’s Color Tutorial
Figure and Gesture Drawing: Tools for the Self Educating Artist
SenshiStock’s 50 Hand Challenge
SenshiStock’s 50 Foot Challenge
Color Scheme Designer
Lazy Nezumi – Line stabilizer for windows

Mental Health No Jutsu:
“Simply Happy” on the TED Radio Hour
Don’t Give Up
“Are You Good Enough?” on the Chris Oatley ArtCast
Simple Advice for Overcoming Art Block
Hugh Laurie on Waiting to be Ready
Stephen McCranie on . . . Everything, really. 
How to Gather Healthy Critique Groups and Collaborators on the Paper Wings Podcast
“Real Artists,” and Professionals by Natasha Lockhart
The Imagineering Way: Ideas to Ignite Your Creativity
Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened
Ursula Vernon Gives You Permission to Make Bad Art

Sirius LaGrange’s Noodle List for Musicians
Ze Frank’s Pain Pack

Interactive rhyming dictionary
Amtrak Writers Residency
Useful Geographical Descriptors
The High Bar: Brian McDonald on Cinematic Storytelling
Words to Describe Emotions
Sirius Lagrange’s Noodle List for Writers
Some thoughts on Governments by Rick Griffin
Disability in Kidlit
Little Details –  a Fact-Checking community for writers.
Diversity Cross-Check
Realtimeboard – an online white-board for planning, brainstorming, and otherwise visualizing your thought process

Natasha Lockhart’s Photography Processing Workflow

http://coffitivity.com – the gently peopled sound of a slightly tuned out coffee shop
http://selfcontrolapp.com/ cut yourself off from distraction websites. For mac osx
http://getcoldturkey.com/ same, but different
http://www.focalfilter.com/ same, but different
f.lux– a red filter for your lap -or desktop. Good for using the computer while light-sensitive, or to help make falling asleep after computer use easier. (an app called Twilight is available for android. iOS devices need to be jailbroken to run f.lux)
youarelistening.to a website that mixes ambient music with police scanners