P&M 002: The Awesome Thing In Your Head

June 29, 2013 in Procrastination and Motivation

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We’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode (anything you’d like to add!) and we’re still looking for input about depression and long term chronic illness, as they relate to motivation and the tendency to procrastinate.

Melanie Herring’s Color Tutorial.

Lulie Tanett’s Secret to Composition (includes a lot of other useful links, PERUSE THEM!)

How to Draw Clothes by Lora Innes

Figure and Gesture Drawing: Tools for Self-Educating Artists

Sketchup, and the 3d Warehouse

I forgot to mention this IN the podcast but I’ve heard more than a few times of people having some luck modeling in MInecraft and using that as a starting point.

Here is my original sketch for my larger Elemental Mix-Up picture.

Found some models in the Warehouse that approximated what I was going for, arranged them accordingly and put the camera where I wanted it.

Still not perfect, but a LOT better. I go a little more in-depth over at my blog, so if you’re interested in the WHOLE process, please click on through!