Here is what we want you to do:

Make a list. Make a list of between 3 to 5 things that fit into one or more of the following catagories:

A: Things that you want to be/can be/dont feel like you are

B: Things that you like about yourself

C: Things that you know are true about yourself, but you have a hard time remembering.

And then put those things somewhere you will see them.

Roo had a friend once whose therapist prescribed a similar thing, and she had little rocks on her dresser that said things like “Beautiful” and “Strong” on them, and she was supposed to look at them everyday.

You can do something like that, or something like the poster Roo made, or something unique to you!

What This is Trying to Achieve:

The idea is that you have traits you like, but that maybe you forget about, and having them around you (or maybe not having them around you, but just working on something that reminds you of them for a few hours) will help you gain more self-confidence in what you already have going for you!

We know that positive self-talk doesn’t work for everyone, though- and that for some people it’s actually counter-productive! If you have a technique that accomplishes the same basic thing that this does, but in a different way, we would love to hear or see ┬áit!

We really like to see your participation, but we understand that the MHNJ projects can be sort of personal! If you feel like sharing your Note To Self, you can post a picture in the comments. If you have a tumblr or a twitter, you can share it with us there! We are on twitter @tixnroo and our tumblr tags are #mhnj #mental health no jutsu, and #TixnRoo