MHNJ #5: HB PT 4, The Box Itself

November 13, 2013 in Mental Health no Jutsu


Mental Health no Jutsu #5: Happy Box part 4, The Box Itself

We’re doing something a little bit different this month. It’ll be broken down into Four (4) main parts and we encourage you to add onto them as you see fit. The goal this month is to take care of yourself, and this project is gonna be fairly personal so we’re not assigning difficulties or bonus points- or even examining how it helps kill art block.

A couple rules for the Happy Box:

1: Keep everything you make this month in a safe place until we get to the last week. You don’t want to lose it.

2: Don’t worry about how other people might judge your Happy Box. This is for YOU, not them. they don’t have to like it.

Part 4: Acquiring and Filling a Box

Okay so, this is pretty straight forward:

Acquire a box to put the things in. We strongly encourage that you build one (it’s more personal that way!) but it’s okay if you buy one. (Roo did!) but either way, once you have it, make it yours.

If you’re a sticker kind of person, put stickers on it.

Draw things on it that makes you feel safe, write reassuring words, woodburn crazy celtic patterns- whatever you need to do to really OWN this box, do it. It can have a lid or not have a lid and it can be as big or small as you like- so long as it holds all of your items. Go nuts! And don’t worry about finishing it right exactly now- you can come back to it later, if you need to! the point is, it’s your box and it has things that make you feel good in it.

Once you’re happy with the box (or have a box at all) go ahead and put your things in there. Arrange them how you like- and again, this is your box, so you can be as much or as little particular about the exact arrangement as you like.

And then, once you have everything in the box that you need in the box, put it somewhere safe, where you can get to it when you need to.

We love to see your completed projects, but we know that this one is sort of personal! We do encourage you to post a picture of your completed box, though, and you can do so by replying to this post. If you have a tumblr, you can respond there- we DO have replies enabled if you’ve been following us 7 days or more- you can also Submit the list to our blog and if we get enough responses we’ll put together a big list for people to look at.