MHNJ #4: HB Pt 3, Journals

September 18, 2013 in Mental Health no Jutsu

Mental Health no Jutsu #4: Heart Box Part 3, Journals

We’re doing something a little bit different this month. It’ll be broken down into Four (4) main parts and we encourage you to add onto them as you see fit. The goal this month is to take care of yourself, and this project is gonna be fairly personal so we’re not assigning difficulties or bonus points- or even examining how it helps kill art block.

A couple rules for the Happy Box:

1: Keep everything you make this month in a safe place until we get to the last week. You don’t want to lose it.

2: Don’t worry about how other people might judge your Happy Box. This is for YOU, not them. they don’t have to like it.

Pt 3: Goal Book and Anxiety Journal.

In addition to having some comfort and musical stimulation for your happy box, its best to have something to keep your mind occupied on the positive and productive. For this, we suggest having two journals in your happy box – one for goals and one for your negative emotions.

For your Goals, You’ll want to get a notebook you don’t mind writing in. Its okay to have it in your happy box… or even have it travel along with you during the day. . Start off small. Dont be overwhelmed by the thought of what kind of book it is…as long as you can write on it.  If you’re worried about losing it, its a-okay to just write in those cheap wide-ruled notebooks

Fill your first with goals you’d like to meet. Pick idealistic, realistic goals … being able to love yourself, being more positive, being able to run 5K , have the courage to speak to strangers…. Just stick to one page for goals and make sure not to place a time limit on them.

When you have your goals written down, then its time to plan them out! Prioritize first- really important goals that are necessary for your well being, goals you really want but that aren’t as imporant, and things you’d just sorta like to do. Now pick wone goal you wouldn’t mind working on first and break it down. What benefits will you gain by achieving your goal? What are the consequences? Can you think of any obstacles that you may encounter? What can you do to overcome them?

Write down resources that would help you achieve this goal. Numbers and addresses to buildings, websites with information. Take time to print relevant articles and taped them into the book so you can read up on them when a computer isn’t available.

And then from there, be sure to write down any progress you make with your goals. You’l l be surprised how easy a goal can be met when planned properly. And , when you’ve achieved your goal, it feels sooo good when you cross it off.

A worry book will be treated differently. We’d like for you to grab a notebook that you wouldn’t mind missing if it go lost. This book will be seeing a bit of damage.

You worry book will be used to track, disassemble, and destroy any negative feelings you may have. . Ask yourself what  is bothering you so much and why….Writing will hopefully get the edge off in any negative feels your having as well as able to help you deconstruct and see the real core of these emotions .

If its a page that is just full of negativity that you needed to get out, feel free to rip that page out and destroy it. Burn it, flush it, eat it… whatever you need to do to get it out of sight and, hopefully, out of mind.

To Help out with your journals, we have created a few pages for you to print out and tape to the back of your books. Hopefully these will help you get to your path of your own happiness. Good luck!

Goal Book Questions: tape this to the back of your journal.

Unhelpful thinking Styles. [ Which one of these thinking patterns do you find yourself using a lot? ]

Worry Diary Questions 

We love to see your completed projects, but we know that this one is sort of personal! If you have any other ideas related to the Goals/Feelings journals, please feel free to comment on this post! If you have a tumblr, you can respond there- we DO have replies enabled if you’ve been following us 7 days or more- you can also Submit the list to our blog and if we get enough responses we’ll put together a big list for people to look at.