MHNJ #3: HB Pt 2, Comfort Items

September 11, 2013 in Mental Health no Jutsu


Mental Health no Jutsu #3: Happy Box Part 2, Comfort Items

We’re doing something a little bit different this month. It’ll be broken down into Four (4) main parts and we encourage you to add onto them as you see fit. The goal this month is to take care of yourself, and this project is gonna be fairly personal so we’re not assigning difficulties or bonus points- or even examining how it helps kill art block.

A couple rules for the Happy Box:
1: Keep everything you make this month in a safe place until we get to the last week. You don’t want to lose it.
2: Don’t worry about how other people might judge your Happy Box. This is for YOU, not them. they don’t have to like it.

Part Two: Comfort Items

This week you’ll be gathering some things that usually make you feel nice- comfort food, comfort blankies- things that maybe you feel like you should feel bad about needing, but you shouldn’t. How you cope is your deal, not everyone else’s.

Thing #1: Foods and Drinks.

Just what it sounds like- do you have a particular food that you like to have that makes you feel better (chocolate, maybe?) Do you have a go-to tea when you’re feeling down? Get some to keep in your box- or if you can’t keep the food itself (maybe baked goods is your thing) keep the recipes there, so you can whip them up when you need them.

Thing #2: Fragrance

You know you have one- a smell you just absolutely love. Maybe it reminds you of home, or maybe You’re not sure what it is about it, but it calms you DOWN. Get some of it- if you’re a flower person, keep some dried flowers in there, or know a place to go get the kind you like if you need it. if you’re not too sensitive to concentrated smells, maybe buy a tart warmer or a diffuser and invest in some scented wax tarts or essential oils.

Thing #3: Tactile

We don’t care what anyone says- stuffed toys and blankets are essential transitional items for most of us, and it doesn’t matter how old you are: if it works for you, use it! It doesn’t have to be something soft and fuzzy, either- but it does need to be an item, and you should be able to hug it (or have it hug you) and it should make you feel safe. If you don’t have anything that fits this, or you can’t think of anything, you can leave this out- assigning happiness to an object rarely works as intended-
We do, however, suggest maybe making yourself a blanket.

We love to see your completed projects, but we know that this one is sort of personal! We do encourage you to post some items from your box  in replies to this post, though- you might have some gems in there that others would enjoy but did not know existed! If you have a tumblr, you can respond there- we DO have replies enabled if you’ve been following us 7 days or more- you can also Submit the list to our blog and if we get enough responses we’ll put together a big list for people to look at.