MHNJ #2: HB Pt 1, Personal Playlist

September 4, 2013 in Mental Health no Jutsu

Mental Health no Jutsu #2: Happy Box Part 1, Personal Playlist

We’re doing something a little bit different this month. It’ll be broken down into Four (4) main parts and we encourage you to add onto them as you see fit. The goal this month is to take care of yourself, and this project is gonna be fairly personal so we’re not assigning difficulties or bonus points- or even examining how it helps kill art block.

A couple rules for the Happy Box:
1: Keep everything you make this month in a safe place until we get to the last week. You don’t want to lose it.
2: Don’t worry about how other people might judge your Happy Box. This is for YOU, not them. they don’t have to like it.

Part One: Personal Playlist

For this first segment of the Happy Box we want you to make at least Three (3) Playlists. You can store them on CDs, on a flash drive, or in playlists on your MP3 player- it doesn’t matter to us, it’s about what’s most comfortable and natural and accessible for you. Roo is including a few that work well for him to get you started, if you need some help.

Playlist #1: Chillout
This playlist is for when you’re feeling worked up- stressed, angry, anxious, panicked, depressed, distressed, scared, or any combination or derivation of those. Whatever helps get you out of your head and puts you in a better place. The goal here is mostly to calm your nerves, not to get you feeling happy or upbeat.
(ex: One of the songs Roo uses is actually called Chillout, and it’s by Ze Frank. He also swears by Heart and Soul from the BIG soundtrack.)

Playlist #2: Upbeat/Happy
You know how you hear some songs, and no matter how you’re feeling (unless you’re particularly depressed) it picks you up IMMEDIATELY? That’s what this playlist should be. Upbeat stuff. Songs you love SO MUCH you get excited just being reminded they exist.
(ex: Roo enjoys another Ze Frank song, Scared, for this. Another one that always works without fail is In Your Light by Gotye.)

Playlist #3: Sustained Happy
This one should be songs that keep you feeling upbeat but that you can only really get excited about if you’re already in a decent mood- you’ve probably heard them a few times and gone “wow this song ALWAYS makes me happy!” but when you’ve tried listening to them while depressed or angry they just don’t do it for you- but they DO kelp keep your mood stable when you’re already feeling okay, and that’s what this playlist is about!
(ex: Roo knows it’s a little overdone, this being the internet and all, but the original version of Caramelldansen is a favorite, as is All Over Again by Matthew Ebel.)

We love to see your completed projects, but we know that this one is sort of personal! We do encourage you to post some songs from your personal playlist, in replies to this post, though- you might have some gems in there that others would enjoy but did not know existed! If you have a tumblr, you can respond there- we DO have replies enabled if you’ve been following us 7 days or more- you can also Submit the list to our blog and if we get enough responses we’ll put together a big list for people to look at.