ABE #6: A Visual Lesson

March 28, 2013 in Art Block Execution

Art Block Execution #6:
 A visual Lesson

Writing and Art have gone hand to hand since the beginning of creating. Books become adapted to movies, Childrens stories are beautifully illustrated, and songs are can be twisted and changed many times by just transforming the lyrics.

With this week’s ABE, we’d like for you to take writing that inspires you and create art for it. It can be literal, like an actual illustration, or a creation that was brought to life by the emotions behind the writing.

We’re leaning more towards small stories , such as Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Nursery Rhymes or Aesop’s Fables, but any writing will do.

We feel this ABE is more open and expressive and we hope it inspires you as much as it did us. We cant wait to see what you come up with!

Difficulty: 3/5

How Does it Kill Art Block? : Changing our artistic scenery such as reading a book or listening to different music than we’re used to helps us find inspiration in unlikely places.

We love to see your completed ABEs! If you have a tumblr, you can post your ABE there (or Submit it to our blog!) and be sure to use our tags, #ABE, #TixNRoo, and #ArtBlockExecution. If you don’t have a tumblr, you can email them to us at abe@tiix-n-roo.com, or post a reply to this topic!