ABE #5: Your Imaginary Friend

March 20, 2013 in Art Block Execution

Art Block Execution Project #5: Your Imaginary Friend

Almost everyone had one in their childhood: They filled the extra space beside you on the bus after school and needed the nightlight on to kill their fears [because you were totally not scared of the dark ] . It’s your imaginary friend. Someone that kept you company when no one else would.

Now its time to pay homage to them. Draw your imaginary friend! What did he/she/it looked like? What was his/her/it’s name? When and how did you two meet?  What did you guys like to do when you were younger? Tell us about them!

Bonus points and a fast forward – How does your imaginary friend look like now that you’re older? What are they doing? Do they still keep in touch? How much did they grow?

Difficulty: 4/5. Makes you think and pull out childhood memories.

How does it kill art block?: Our Imaginary Friends were, in many ways, truly inspired- Kids have a kind of imagination that most of us adults only dream of, and it’s worth it to go back and play with what’s left from those days.

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