ABE #4: Expression Mirror

March 6, 2013 in Art Block Execution

Art Block Execution #4: Expression Mirror

Draw the same cookie-cutter smiles or blank faces? Let’s change that!

Find a spot that you’re comfortable in and have good light. Then take pictures of yourself practicing different expressions! How do you look when you smile really wide? Do you /really/ look angry when you’re angry? Give a goofy look! But don’t forget to try a few blank, hollow or sad faces too. Exercise those cheeks and try your best!

Then, when you’re done, upload up to 10 photos and post them! just pick your top 10!

Congratulations! You have some expression references! Admire how unique your face is and challenge others to do the same. Get your friends to try the ABE with you. They don’t have to be artists… they just need to love the camera!

The more people you get to  try out the ABE the more expression references you’ll have!

Difficulty: 1/5 . You take pictures of your mug and post it online. You do that all the time on your facebook, right?
How does it kill art block?: Two ways! 1. It helps you pay attention to the expressions you and others around you make and gives you something to apply to your art and/or writing. 2 People’s head shapes affect how their expressions look. You can learn to admire and embrace different facial structures.

Here are the memes Tix and Roo used for their ABE, But you’re welcome to look online and try others.

The 25 Essential Expressions  by napalmnancey

The Tumblr Expressions Meme by quarterbeck.

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