ABE #3: Elemental Mix-Up

February 27, 2013 in Art Block Execution

Art Block Execution Project #3: 
Elemental Mix-Up.

Natural Elements have been the subject of art since the beginning of time. Mystical Forests and Mountains, Crashing Tidal Waves and Fearsome Fires have been depicted beautifully in Paintings and Photographs.

But how much would it affect our lives in our elements suddenly decided to switch their normal duties?

Try and come up with art where ONE element is treated or performs like another:

Fire and Nature [grass , trees, bushes, moss, etc ] have switched their duties! So did Water and Air! For Air you’re welcome to use Oxygen’s lighter sisters , Helium and Hydrogen as well [Think of all the Balloons you can fill! ] !

How would fireplaces [now bushplaces] look like now? Would your voice go up every time you drank a bottle of water? What would forests look like during different seasons? The possibilities are endless!

Difficulty: 3/5 . It may take some time to think about because there’s so many ways things could go.

How does it kill Art block? It forces you to think outside of the box. Sometimes switching up possibilities is all thats needed to spark your creativity.

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