ABE #23: Make Some Fan-Art

June 18, 2014 in Art Block Execution


Art Block Execution #23: Make Some Fan-Art

Okay, listen. You like things. That is SUPER COOL.

Actually you don’t just like things.

You LOVE THINGS, and the only reasonable way to express your love of those things is to make some art of them, or write a story, or record a song, or cosplay aggressively.

Except you’re super busy. You have way better and more important things to do.

We are giving you permission to make some fanart.

If you’re having trouble justifying it to yourself, use an excuse like “I’m going to practice a new technique!” or “but i’m trying something new!”

Or see how fast you can make something that you don’t think is terrible! Or do it because you want to show a small creator how much you like their Thing!

And if you don’t need an excuse to let yourself make something not specifically for your own projects- that is also great!

Difficulty: 3/5

How Does This Kill Art Block: A lot of art block comes from working on things that you’re not enthusiastic about- do that long enough and it can keep you down for a long, long time. So let’s work on something that you’re DEFINITELY enthusiastic about, and THEN get back to what’s causing you trouble

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