ABE #21: Mythical Reproduction

February 12, 2014 in Art Block Execution

Art Block Execution #21: Mythical Reproduction

We’re not sure how to introduce this ABE, so we’re not even going to try.

Pretty much, the idea is to pick a made-up creature- from Mythical creatures to B-Movie Monsters- and draw or write out the gestational period. How is babby formed?

We aren’t super interested in the do the parents do to make the kidlets (unless it’s something particularly unusual or exciting) but how do the babies develop? Think as far outside the box as possible!

Difficulty: 4/5

How Does This Kill Art Block: It’s partly a distraction thing, and partly a warm-up exercise! The goal is to get your brain moving in unusual ways, and hopefully if helps you out of the rut you’re in.

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