ABE #2: Scaly Pet Deposit

February 8, 2013 in Art Block Execution

Art Block Execution Project #2: Scaly Pet Deposit

Dragons are a very adaptable. They’re are tons of different species of dragons that vary from all over the world, from England’s Wevyrns to the Aztec’s Quetzalcoatl. There are dragons that live in the sea, high on mountains, in valleys, underground, and even in lakes of fire.

But what about a dragon that can live in the concrete jungle?

For this project, you are to design a dragon that can be kept as a pet. But not just any pet.. this is a pet dragon that is suitable for apartment living. For the sake of saving argument, we’ll just say the weight limit for this  pet policy is 50 pounds.
We’d like to know your dragon species’ size, weight, what it likes to eat and temperament. We want to make sure that it would get along with Mr. Tiggles in apartment 2B without wanting to make him into a snack.

Another added twist is that your pet dragon must have a characteristic or quirk of another well known domesticated pet. … thats not scaly. Does your dragon wag it’s tail when its happy? Parakeet feathers? How about cat-like purring?

Difficulty: 5/5. This might take a while.

How does this project help?: A bit of inspiration and a practice of character design. This project should take a bit of time, because you can research all different kinds of dragons in folklore and get to make your own.

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