ABE #19: BS Diary

December 4, 2013 in Art Block Execution, Mental Health no Jutsu

ABE #19: BS Diary

Roo works with a lot of people during his day job- not nearly as many as Tix does, but still a lot. He also goes a lot of places in the county, and as a result, ends up with a lot of small, frustrated stories. So he started keeping a BS Diary- Little things that happened that weren’t cool.
And as he continued to do it, he discovered that increasingly, the things worth writing down were not always- or even usually- the result of irritation or miscommunication.
They were also funny, or heartwarming, or just surprising- but He’d already committed to calling it the BS diary, so there’s  no going back now.

The BS Diary also doubled as a really good way to do warm-up sketches. This Week’s ABE is to take something that’s happened to you in the last week or so- something really frustrating, or surprising, or funny, or otherwise memorable, and write it down. At LEAST write it down. Maybe also make a jingle out of it, or a small comic, or however else you want to express the event.

How Does This Kill Art Block? It is, first and foremost, a warm-up exercise. (a lot of ABES are, honestly) but it doubles as taking stock of experiences- the stuff worth writing down and remembering (good or bad) is also worth drawing from when you create, and it’s not a bad thing to have reference available for those things.

Difficulty: 1/5

Bonus Points: Start keeping a regular, ongoing BS Diary

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