ABE #18: Inside the Box

November 27, 2013 in Art Block Execution

Art Block Execution #18: Inside the Box

Too many options can make things difficult- a good way to spark creativity can be to limit the tools and options available to you, and work only with what you have. Thinking Inside the Box can be, often, easier and much more useful than thinking outside of it.

Illustrators, Painters, Traditional kernoodlers: Get your two favorite colors- you can use any medium, you can use any additional tools, but only the two colors, any colors made from mixing the two, and any color that shows through from the paper/canvas.

Digital Painters: Same, but remember: two exact colors.You may NOT use any of the additional saturations or values within a given hue, but you MAY use any colors you can make by mixing, or layering, and you may use special layers.

Sculptors: Use your one favorite tool

Musicians: You might have two favorite chords and a rhythm pattern you’ve always meant to try- combine those two things now. You may use any individual notes found in the chords and you may use them in any octave.

Writers: Your two favorite but little-used character archetypes, in the situation of your choosing- for the purposes of this abe, make it at least 500 words, and no additional characters.

Difficulty: 3/5

How Does This Kill Art Block? Like it says at the top! The human brain makes decisions easier when it has fewer options. if this ABE doesn’t look like your cup of tea, set your own limitations and give it a go!

Bonus Points: Once you have your minimalist framework, save that by itself, then set new limits and finish the creation!

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