ABE #15: Animal Mechanicalism, Part 2

August 21, 2013 in Art Block Execution


Art Block Execution #15: Animal Mechanicalism, Part 2

Like the First Animal Mechanicalism, this ABE is also about creating a creature based on or inspired by a machine or function- but unlike the last ABE, it doesn’t need to be inspired by or function as a motor vehicle- and it doesn’t need to look like the object it’s replacing, either.

What we’re doing today is creating a creature that serves a specific purpose, preferably around the house. It can be a Can Opener, a Blender, a Lamp, Toothbrush, whatever! It does not need to look like or be based on a specific item, and it does not even need to serve a function we already have a robot for- if you can think of another small chore that you’d LOVE a piece of hardware to take care of for you, create an animal to serve that function!

Difficulty: 2/5 I dunno, these difficulty numbers are mostly arbitrary. It depends a lot on if you’re designing a creature from scratch or retrofitting an existing animal.

How Does This Kill Art Block? Mostly it’s just fun- though thinking about what features can serve what function can be a great knowledge-building and outside-the-box-thinking exercise.

Bonus Points if the name of the creature is some sort of pun!

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