ABE #13: The Alignment Switcharoo

July 31, 2013 in Art Block Execution

Art Block Execution #13 : The Alignment Switcharoo

There are times where its painstakingly easy to tell a character’s alignment early on in a story. Good Guys are portrayed with perfect, friendly features, bright color schemes and benevolent physical qualities. A bad guy would be riddled with angles [sharp teeth, sharp noses ] and just leak with a dark and sick presence.

In fact, this is so hardwired into our brains that its a big surpise when we find out that a character is on the other side. [ Seriously, I flipped my shit when I found out about Snape. I cant be the only one ] .

This ABE gives you a chance to toy, tease, and twist with the alliance spectrum.

Take a character [ it doesn’t have to be your own ] and force them to switch alliance. If they’re a good guy, what would they look like as a bad guy? If theyre a villian… how much work would it take to make him/her look super good?

[ This is open to non-visual artists as well. Feel free to write a good story with your newly shifted character .. .or maybe even create a new theme song! ]

Difficulty: 3/5. Once you have your character picked you may have to figure out just how much they would change when they switch to the dark side [or to the light! ] .

How will this kill art block: It opens you up to a parallel universe you can play and tease to your liking .After all, if this one character has changed, who would be the one to take his or her place?

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