ABE #12: No Tool Like the Old Tool

July 4, 2013 in Art Block Execution


Art Block Execution #12: No Tool Like the Old Tool

MmmmmmOST of us were doing something like our current art in elementary school/primary school/grammar school/whatever you call it. Sometimes it was for school, but if you’re anything like us, probably you were arting at home, too. It is highly likely that it was also all over the walls.

Today’s challenge is to CREATE using the tool you used the most when you were young- ten or younger. If your history doesn’t go back that far (it might not!) just use the first one you remember using. (For most of us, this is probably crayons and cheap markers.)

Mix the techniques you used then with techniques you’ve learned now. It doesn’t need to look like a kid did it (although it can, if that’s what gets your creativity going!)

For Non-Visual Artists: Musicians: You’ve probably gotten more complex over the years. Go find the FIRST instrument you learned to play and make a short song with JUST THAT (and maybe your voice, too, if you like.) Writers- this one might be a little more difficult for you, because the tools probably haven’t changed too much. (Roo started with a pen and paper and still prefers it to the computer.)

Difficulty: 2/5 For real, the hardest thing should be needing to go to the store to buy crayons.

How Does This Kill Art Block? Mostly, it’s just for fun, which can be enough to get you going again sometimes.

Bonus Points: Make it a creature or thing that you used to draw a lot. Don’t re-do an old picture though- that’s another ABE for another day!

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