ABE #11: Animal Mechanicalism

June 26, 2013 in Art Block Execution

Art Block Execution #11: Animal Mechanicalism

Apophenia: the experience of seeing meaningful patterns or connections in random or meaningless data.

It’s human nature to find connections in things where there is no logic to be found- there are lots of examples. Today we’re working specifically with Pareidolia, which causes us, most commonly, to see faces or animals (and sometimes Jesus) in our Cardboard Boxes, Clouds, and Toast.

Us, we look at cars and we see animals. Sometimes. This is entirely normal, and it happens when the design is being put together- it’s on a subconscious level, though. We as humans tend toward familiar shapes when we create, and car designers are no exception.

SO! take a look at a car- maybe the car you have, maybe one you want, doesn’t matter what.

Does it remind you of an animal? A real one, or something that doesn’t quite exist?

Only thing? Try to avoid just drawing the animal if the car shares a name with an animal. Some Jaguars DO kinda look like big cats, but Mustangs don’t remind darn near ANYBODY of horses- don’t cheat, this is about grabbing your brain by the horns and making it form something concrete out of a vague notion.

Difficulty: 4/5 This can get pretty hard. A lot of times the vehicle will give you an idea for just the head of a creature, and leave you hanging on the body.

How Does This Kill Art Block: Mostly it’s a distraction, but learning to reinterpret design is an excellent skill to have.

Bonus Points: Draw the car, too!

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