ABE #25: Take the First Step

August 26, 2014 in Art Block Execution


Art Block Execution #25: Take the First Step

This ABE is all about getting started. Laying the groundwork for the Thing you want to make.

Where other ABEs have been warm-ups, or exercises, or distractions, this one is a Challenge.

We challenge you to take whatever it is you’ve been putting off, and commit the first few lines to paper.

That’s it. You don’t need to finish it- you just need to break the ice.

Put something down, start roughing out a layout. Write a bunch of cusswords on the page so that it’s not blank anymore.

Ideally, get it complete enough that you’d feel okay calling it a First Draft.

And then relax a little, because you got over the first hurdle. The Blank Page cannot defeat you.

Difficulty: 4/5

How Does This Kill Art Block: Like it says on the tin. It’s all about gaining momentum.

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MHNJ #8: Hunkering Down for the Rain

August 6, 2014 in Mental Health no Jutsu


Mental Health No Jutsu 8: Hunkering Down for the Rain

[ Tix ] It has been a rough summer for me.

I am currently dealing with two heaping scoopfuls of grief . One I have been preparing for — a family member that has grown terminally ill…

And another, who passed away suddenly in an accident just a couple of weeks ago.

Although they are both reaching the same destination, they both feel different. The Kubler-Ross Stages of grief be damned, I fluctuate between depression and anger, confusion and betrayal.

All the while trying to keep a straight face and go through my busy schedule of life.

But through all the fake smiles, the “i’m okay”s and the pained laughter I realized that I was not following the most important rule of this [and many] emotions.

Grief is what you feel. Mourning is what you do and how you act from it. *

I didnt allow myself to do either.. and I suffered hard from it. I didnt talk about it to anyone and I would feel sick. I would try and keep up with my friends when they wanted to go out and I felt more lethargic than ever.  I would try and follow my routine and I would wonder why I was losing my temper a lot faster than I normally do.

My grief was showing in other unhealthy ways.

So, with all that said , I say this to you … allow yourself to grieve and mourn. Allow yourself to cry to sad songs, make vent art, take naps and just talk.

You’ll find that over time you will start to feel like your old self again. The rain will past and leave blossoms of joy behind.

However, if you find yourself growing unhealthy habits after a long period of time [ Emotional Eating, undereating, Alchoholism, Actions of Self Harm ] then please seek the help you need and deserve. Mourning sometimes have us do crazy things and go through bad cycles. Dont allow yourself to drown in your grief.

* While this speaks about the loss I’m going through we havent forgotten the different kind of loss you can experience. Break-Ups, Losing a Job, Losing a friend, even losing something materialistic can bring up feelings of grief. I hope this MHNJ helps as well.