P+M 007: The Delicious Taste of Failure

June 27, 2014 in Procrastination and Motivation

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The Perfectionism Cure – Daily Bright

It’s a great day to make a mistake

Tix-N-Roo’s Artter*Pop Sale!

June 25, 2014 in News

tumblr_n7pl4dNVxk1rm8czco2_1280 tumblr_n7pl4dNVxk1rm8czco3_1280


Inspired by the inexpensive frozen treats the dynamic duo are selling away their works for cheap! High Quality Prints, Bottle Cap Pins and ATCs [ art trading cards ] are available on their Etsy shop! Go check it out!

Tix’s Print List. 

Roo’s Print List.

ABE #23: Make Some Fan-Art

June 18, 2014 in Art Block Execution


Art Block Execution #23: Make Some Fan-Art

Okay, listen. You like things. That is SUPER COOL.

Actually you don’t just like things.

You LOVE THINGS, and the only reasonable way to express your love of those things is to make some art of them, or write a story, or record a song, or cosplay aggressively.

Except you’re super busy. You have way better and more important things to do.

We are giving you permission to make some fanart.

If you’re having trouble justifying it to yourself, use an excuse like “I’m going to practice a new technique!” or “but i’m trying something new!”

Or see how fast you can make something that you don’t think is terrible! Or do it because you want to show a small creator how much you like their Thing!

And if you don’t need an excuse to let yourself make something not specifically for your own projects- that is also great!

Difficulty: 3/5

How Does This Kill Art Block: A lot of art block comes from working on things that you’re not enthusiastic about- do that long enough and it can keep you down for a long, long time. So let’s work on something that you’re DEFINITELY enthusiastic about, and THEN get back to what’s causing you trouble

We love to see your completed ABEs! You can email them to us at abe@tiix-n-roo.com, or post a reply to this topic! If you have a tumblr, you can post your ABE there (or Submit it to our blog!) and be sure to use our tags, #ABE, #TixNRoo, and #ArtBlockExecution. We’ll post some favorites more or less monthly!

Have an idea for an ABE? Submit it to us!

MHNJ #6: Will This Make Me Happy?

June 2, 2014 in Mental Health no Jutsu


Roo spent a lot of time trying to decide what the first MHNJ should be after the couple month hiatus. We have a lot of things in the works, but none of them felt right- or they would take too much effort, or any number of other excuses.

And one day on the way home he was talking to a friend on kik and complaining about how he wanted to go get a philly cheesesteak sandwich but it was late and not exactly on the way home, and his friend asked one really frustratingly simple question.

“Would it make you happy?”

And the answer- the honest answer, no matter how delicious Suzie Burger makes their sandwiches, was “No.”

And this reminded Roo of a thing that he had done a few years ago and really, really liked.

Here’s how this works:

We want you to write “Will This Make Me Happy?” on something. A piece of paper, a whiteboard- anywhere that makes sense. (Bonus Points if it is somewhere that you will see it often!)

Then, Take a picture of it. Preferably with your phone, because that’ll be fastest, but a webcam or a Real, Fancy Camera will also work.

Now, set it as your Lock Screen. Or your computer/phone wallpaper. Or print it out and hang it on a bulletin board near your desk- wherever works for you, but, again, preferably somewhere you’ll see it often, or somewhere that you tend to be when you are making decisions.

What this is trying to achieve:

The goal here is not immediate happiness, necessarily. The goal is to make you be honest with yourself when making decisions. Especially small ones that can have big, out of proportion consequences, like hamburgers or commenting on a YouTube video.

Asking “Will this make me happy?” will hopefully do the following two things:

1: Make you consider if the thing you are about to do is something you actually want to be doing right now.

2: Make you wonder about the long-term effects of a thing you are deciding on.

And hopefully, it will help you make better decisions.

We really like to see participation, but we understand that the MHNJ projects can be sort of personal! If you feel like sharing your Note To Self, you can post a picture in the comments. If you have a tumblr or a twitter, you can share it with us there! We are on twitter @tixnroo and our tumblr tags are #mhnj #mental health no jutsu, and #TixnRoo